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About Irveen Kaur

Irveen Kaur is the founder of Novelly. Want to work with her? She runs online 1-on-1 sessions with writers struggling to put their manuscripts together, build their plots or simply as a cheerful companion on your journey to the finish line.

Irveen has taught creative writing for the past 2 years. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from UTS and is passionate about creative writing. She has written several short stories, essays and a novel.

Irveen started Novelly to support writers fulfil their dreams and build their manuscripts. She focuses on novels, shorter works and essays.

At Novelly, Irveen helps writers hone their craft through tailored module-based learning and development. She focuses on making the process of writing fiction fun, as well as surrounding writers with the right tools they need to succeed.

The Novelly Philosophy

1. Always learn.

2. Take creative risks

3. Look after your creative inner child.

4. Dedicate time to your art.