Learn to build engaging plots and characters.

We have worked hard to create engaging and helpful content for budding writers.

Our course content includes:

  • Plot Structure

  • Characterisation

  • Dialogue

  • Literary Techniques

  • Research

  • Self-editing

  • Novel-writing project


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What our clients say:


Anabelle Dalton

“I loved the class and getting to know my creative writing self. Irveen guided our group each week on how to construct a story. It was great being supported and supporting other writers in our group. I loved hearing others’ stories taking shape and my own in the process. I recommend this course to anyone who loves words and how to weave words and our life experiences into a story. I learnt that we all have our style and to develop that rather than having to be like somebody else. Thank you, Irveen for the confidence you instilled in me.”


Parvinder Kaur

“Irveen adds a personal touch to everything she does. I can talk very freely with her. She is very open to my suggestions and always answers my questions. Irveen is such a great help.”


Neil Peters

(MA., Dip. Ed., PhD)

"Irveen Kaur makes creative writing classes fun. As a published author, she knows what it takes to make a piece of writing appealing to the reader and she imparts that knowledge clearly and methodically. The feedback she gives on her students’ written work is both supportive and detailed, which encourages them to reflect honestly on their writing and apply her advice with confidence. Irveen provides a range of stellar examples of successful creative writing to illustrate each of the skills the students must develop to be successful writers themselves. I look forward to creative writing classes with Irveen."